FreeBSD - System Administration

A collection of how-to articles detailing configuration of select network services on FreeBSD based systems.

Articles cover topics such as configuration of an IPv4 / IPv6 gateway router / firewall as well as other Internet or Intranet services and daemons on a dual-stack network. The articles will be routinely updated to reflect a working configuration, on the latest stable release - presently FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE

The intended audience is individuals that already have some knowledge and experience with FreeBSD based systems. If an article lacks the information of some specific issue then you are encouraged to read the appropriate MAN page or other online resource.


Forward Mail to Gmail
Full System Backup and Restore
Control Let's Encrypt Certificate Rekey Interval

Port and Package Management
Synth - ports-mgmt/synth
Portmaster - ports-mgmt/portmaster

Network Configuration
IPv4 & IPv6 Client Addresses via DHCP
IPv4 Router and PF Firewall
IPv4 & IPv6 Router and PF Firewall
IPv4 & IPv6 Router and PF Firewall (
IPv6 via Hurricane Electric's Free IPv6 Tunnel Broker Service
WPA2 Wireless Access Point

Secure Remote Connections
SSH Secure Shell Key Authentication with PuTTY
SCP Secure File Copy Key Authentication with PSCP

IPv4 & IPv6 ISC DHCP Server on a Dual-Stack Network
ntpd - Network Time Protocol Daemon
Teamspeak 3 Server with MySQL Database - audio/teamspeak3-server


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