IPv6 via Hurricane Electric's Free IPv6 Tunnel Broker Service

This article details the setup and configuration of IPv6 provided by Hurricane Electric's Free IPv6 Tunnel Broker Service: https://tunnelbroker.net/

Benefits of the Hurricane Electric's Free IPv6 Tunnel Broker Service

  • Free.
  • Configure up to 5 tunnels.
  • The tunnels are fast and reliable.
  • Easy to use web administrative interface to configure your tunnels with example configurations for every major OS.
  • Included with each tunnel is a routed /64 IPv6 prefix. That's one subnet of 18 quintillion (18,446,744,073,709,551,616) Internet routable IPv6 addresses. You can also add a /48 prefix to the tunnel for additional subnetting requirements.


Create the Tunnel

Sign up / login to your account at https://tunnelbroker.net/

Under User Functions select Create Regular Tunnel

Enter your external IPv4 address from your Internet provider.

NOTE: You need a unique IPv4 address for each tunnel.

Choose a server that is regionally closest to you and create the tunnel.

The tunnel will now appear on your account page.

Click the link to see all the necessary details of the tunnel.


Start the Tunnel at System Startup

The 'example configuration' provided for FreeBSD are actually console commands used to establish the tunnel once in real-time. To configure the system to start the tunnel on every boot, add the following configuration in /etc/rc.conf:

Under your tunnel details, from the 'IPv6 Tunnel Endpoints' section of your 'IPv6 Tunnel' tab, substitute the provided IP addresses into the configuration below.

ifconfig_gif0="tunnel Client IPv4 Address Server IPv4 Address mtu 1480"
ifconfig_gif0_ipv6="inet6 Client IPv6 Address Server IPv6 Address prefixlen 128"
ipv6_defaultrouter="Server IPv6 Address"

Next configure PF firewall rules for the tunnel.
The configuration can be found in this article: IPv4 & IPv6 Router and PF Firewall (tunnelbroker.net)